About Us
About Us
Hello, this page is all about us, our background, our history and the reason why we try to do so much for so many.

The team leaders, who are the core strength behind M.V.F.S have been in and around the use of fire engines for over 25 years and have collected, run and owned many fire related vehicles in the past. Their passion for letting the general public enjoy their collection is how we got to where we are today.

It was only because of local brigade cut backs that we started to move into charity work, as it was becoming difficult to get a fire engine to cover fund raising events, with too to many instances of the cover not turning up; so we asked if we could help, and that's where it all started.

As well as charity events, we started getting asked to provide fire protection at a variety of other functions, so we decided to expand our fire cover specialist team, investing in people and equipment and it's taken us on a very long, rewarding journey.
We still today support many charity fund raising days and have helped collect over £500,000 by being at events.

Many of our staff have come and gone but the hardcore three original members are still here welcoming and training the new staff members and giving thanks to the staff who decide to move on, as we are all volunteers and give up our time for free. So a little thanks goes to Darren, John and Dennis for keeping the wheels turning so we can provide the best service to you and your guests at your event.

I hope this gives you a little insight into our staff and their steadfast dedication in both time and money to keep this team together, in continuing to provide an invaluable service to keep everyone safe.

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